Don’t call him Boris

22/12/2019 Comments Off on Don’t call him Boris

Don’t call him Boris.

It’s the name for a cuddly toy, a cute little Russian boy a dashing guy from a book by Tolstoy.

Don’t call him Bojo.
He’s not fast like Flo Jo or sexy like J Lo. Don’t mix up mojo with a sleazy libido.

Don’t even call him a Bozo.

He’s not dopey or stupid or amusingly ropey.
He’s lazy duplicitous, slippery, wet soapy.

He’s no fool, no joker, no harmless buffoon, he’s a cynical, calculating racist goon.

Please don’t compare this dangerous fake
To a benign and affectionate

He’s not original, a one off.
He’s not a maverick.
If you have to say his name call him
… another word for dick.

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