To the readers of my blog

29/06/2021 Comments Off on To the readers of my blog

Dear readers,

I have not written much on this blog this year as work and mental survival have swallowed up my time and energy. However, I want to say very briefly that I do not appreciate people signing on to read this blog who do not identify themselves but who use made-up names. Several months ago, I removed everyone from the list who fit this “category” — having only just discovered I could do so. I will do it again.

To those of you who have stayed with me and who do identify yourselves, I thank you for your support. Doing a blog as an individual, I have discovered, is not the same as doing it as someone in a position such as a journal editor. I need to re-think what the point is, and I am hoping/intending to start writing again after the summer if not before!

Very best wishes, Marge

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